Terms Of Use

Terms Of Use

Welcome to our site.

To use our Prothomalo site
You must follow the rules of our site
Centuries must be known and obeyed.

This site is for the entertainment and benefit of all
Has been made.

So we want no harm done to anyone by our site.
That's why we always have some rules for our site readers
I live with hundreds of sacrifices.
The details are given below :-

1. No religious posts can be published. 

2. No posts that hurt or hurt anyone can be published.

3. Unnecessary posts cannot be published. 

4. No posts that are financially damaged can be published.

5. No bad comments can be made. 

6. He will be removed from this site as soon as he makes a bad comment.

Hope everybody on this site also had a great day!
I will abide by the centenary.